Web-marketing and gemstones

GOOGLE,HELP, I AM DROWNING! You want to find an information? Is there a way to narrow your searches and find specific and clear information? Yes,you bet there is: Google Advance Search.

SELL GEMSTONES ONLINE IS IT POSSIBLE? Internet selling and precious stones, can complement each other. Let's see what happened?

DO YOU NEED HELP WEB WRITING AN ARTICLE ON GEMSTONES? Be sure to be succinct, pertinent and eye catching. Here are some tips.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization tips for Gemstones websites There are some specific rules you should fellow to help your gemstone website get a higher ranking. Lets learn why SEO can help boost your loose gemstone business if you have an online shop.   SEO is a very big business in the world of online shopping.  

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Competitive intelligence on gems

Can competitive intelligence help you keep up to date on new gem discovery? If you love gemstones and are interested to know about new mineral discoveries, or which unique gemstones has been found worldwide or even learn the latest news on antique jewelries, do some online monitoring. With competitive intelligence you will be able to define, gather, analyze and distribute

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Sell gemstones online, can you do it?

Sell gemstones online,is it an illusion? E-commerce and selling precious stones, can they complement each other? Traditionally gemstones used to be bought in fancy stores. Nowadays customers can purchase unique gemstones,worth thousands of dollars from the luxury of their homes. What happened? Precious stones merchants used to travel to faraway countries in the far east,

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Mobile Marketing in Japan.

MOBILE MARKETING IN JAPAN. Mobile marketing is growing significantly around the world. Only from 2014 to 2015 there is an estimated increase of more than 60% of spending on mobile advertising and by 2018 mobile ads are expected to reach 22% of all worldwide advertising. The world biggest web population is in Asia. It is

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